The advantages of three types of headlights


Currently, there are basically three types of headlights widely used in automobiles: halogen lamp, xenon lamp and LED lamp. Some models still have different combinations of near and far light lamps, such as near-light halogen + far-light halogen, near-light xenon + far-light halogen, and all-led lamps. Next, the headlight manufacturers will talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

Halogen car headlights are penetrating

Let's start with the "cheap" halogen headlamps, which are actually a new generation of incandescent lamps, tungsten lamps filled with halogen elements like bromine iodine or halides. After electrification, electrical energy heats the tungsten filament to incandescent state to emit light. Electrical energy is converted into heat energy and then into light energy.

Advantages: low cost, simple production. Low color temperature, good penetration.

Disadvantages: high temperature, poor durability, low brightness.

Xenon car headlights are highly eye-pleasing

Xenon lamp (HID) is a high pressure discharge lamp. By filling a tube of uv-resistant quartz glass with a variety of chemical gases, such as xenon, an inert gas, and then boosting the vehicle's 2V power supply to 23,000 v via a supercharger, xenon ionizes at high voltage and creates a light source between the two poles of the power supply. The performance of xenon lamp is significantly improved compared with halogen lamp. The efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is more than 70% higher than halogen lamp.


1, high brightness, general halogen lamp 3 times;

Second, high color temperature, HID lamp can produce 4000-2000k color temperature light, close to the noon sunlight color, the human eye acceptance and comfort is very high;

Three, long life: HID is the use of electron-excited gas emission, and no tungsten filament, so long life, a group of HID gas discharge lamp is about 3000 hours;

Four, less power consumption: HID power is generally only 35W, and the ordinary lamp power is generally 55W.

Disadvantages: obviously, high and high heat is the main disadvantage of HID. 300-400 ° c is normal, and the lamp shade is baked yellow from time to time.

LED car headlights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly

LED it has a very popular Chinese name, LED. It is now often in the light box, signs and various electrical indicators and backlight role, but also often car taillights, high brake lights, daytime running lights an important part. And many of the high-configuration models on the market today are also equipped with high-tech full LED large lighting group, which is the use of LED as a light source to create lighting appliances.


1. Energy saving, low heat emission from cold light source, and energy consumption of LED components is only 1/20 of halogen lamp;

2. long life, good durability: currently used in the car LED components can basically reach the level of 50000 hours, because of LED components simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not broken;

3. LED volume is very small, designers can get rid of the technical constraints, so that the headlamp modeling can have a qualitative leap;

4. Fast response speed: compared with xenon lamp and halogen lamp, it has a higher response speed when used in headlamps, which can better guarantee traffic safety.

5. low voltage direct current can be driven, the vehicle battery load is small, weak interference, low requirements for the use of the environment, good adaptability.

Cons: that's just the cost. Although it's been going down, the cost of installing LED lamps is still high, especially for complex headlamps.

In a word, there are advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of headlights, but we can also see that LED headlights are indeed a major trend in the future. After LED technology and cost have achieved a good breakthrough, more and more car headlights manufacturers will be equipped with LED headlights in future models. Leds are integrated light-emitting diodes that can be small in size and have different shapes. This is a very interesting challenge for designers to let them play their wild ideas. Perhaps, in the future, the lights will be a big part of the design of the car's front.

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