What kind of light is called a taillight?


As the ideal taillight should have the following characteristics, listen to the car taillight manufacturers.

(1) higher luminous intensity and reasonable distribution of light intensity;

(2) fast luminous rising front time;

(3) long life, maintenance free, low energy consumption;

(4) switch durability is strong;

(5) good shock resistance.

At present, the light source used by automobile taillight manufacturers is mainly incandescent lamp. In addition, some new light sources have appeared, such as LED and neon lamp.

Incandescent lamp source

Incandescent lamp is a kind of light source of heat radiation, rely on electric energy to heat filament incandescent and give off light, the light that sends out is continuous spectrum. The traditional automobile tail lamp with incandescent lamp as the light source is mainly composed of incandescent light source, single parabolic mirror, filter and light distribution mirror. Incandescent lamp is simple in structure and easy to use. It is a common light source with stable output and little change with ambient temperature.

Light emitting diode (LED)

The principle of led is that under the positive bias of junction diode, n-region electrons and p-region holes cross the PN junction with each other, and the electrons and holes emit light together.

Neon light source

The principle of neon light source is to generate continuous discharge by applying electric field to both ends of discharge tube filled with inert gas. In this process, the excited noble gas atoms emit photons to emit light when they return to the ground state, which can emit different colors of light when filled with different noble gases.

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