How to maintain car taillights?


During the annual inspection of the lights, problems will be found in the lights and then adjusted in the 4s store. The right position of the beam will allow the car to see more clearly at night and drive more smoothly. So how to carry out daily car taillight maintenance and maintenance? Listen to the manufacturers of taillights.

First choose a dim environment, such as underground parking lot or night, one person sitting in the driver's seat to observe the effect, turn on the led taillight, cover one headlight with an opaque cloth, and adjust one headlight separately.

Second, make a mark with a marker or chalk in the center of the light range on the wall, and also make a mark on the wall corresponding to the position of the mark (center of the tail). Measure the distance between the lamp mark on both sides and the center position respectively. The two distances should be equal. If outward or inward deviation occurs, you should read the vehicle manual and use a screwdriver to make minor adjustments so that the position of the two led taillights is symmetrical.

Also, adjust the height of the beam. The right led taillight should be completely horizontal, and the left car light should be raised about 0cm, but not too high, so as not to direct the light directly into the eyes of the driver on the opposite side. The right side of the led taillight can be tilted to the right to improve visibility on the right side of the vehicle. The whole process takes about 5-20 minutes.

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