Car headlights why left low right high, what exquisite?


Now more and more car owners almost found their left and right headlights lighting height is not the same, that you know the car left and right lights height is not the reason? The following car headlamp manufacturers to solve the problem.

Our vehicles drive on the right, opposite to the car in the left. For safety reasons, the light on the left side should be low to avoid disturbing the view of the driver on the opposite side.

China's regulations on near-light distribution stipulate that "the distribution of headlight should make its near-light with sufficient illumination and no blinding (do not shake the eyes of the car driver). On the distribution screen, the near-light should produce a clear terminator (the left light should be lower than the right light).

Therefore, the car light on the right is higher than the left is normal and in accordance with the law.

If you think the height of headlights is not suitable, you can adjust the height by the left light adjustment button of the dashboard. There are 0~3 levels, suggested or 2 levels. You can adjust the height according to the actual situation of driving, so as to meet your driving habits.

Limit the height of the left near-light lamp to ensure the safety of the meeting, and adjust the right near-light lamp to a higher level to prevent mutual interference with the line of sight of the driver during the meeting, so as to facilitate the driver to find pedestrians and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Brother, civilized travel, safe driving, starting from the light regulation

At night, headlights shine on the road in sunny weather is obviously stronger than the rain. This is because the water on the road and water molecules in the air will cause secondary reflection to the light in the rain and fog weather, which will lead to the divergence of the light and reduce its irradiation ability, making people feel that the field of vision is dim. Any light that shines on a rainy or foggy day will be less able to shine on the road than it is on a clear day.

When the ability of rain and fog sky lighting road is weak, in addition to low speed driving with fog lights, driving must pay attention to "speed reduction, distance control, bright tail", reduce the speed, maintain a safe distance, and keep the vehicle tail lights and reflective signs clear and eye-catching, to ensure traffic safety.

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